EARLI is committed to offering transparency to its members in terms of governance and financial documents. Below, you can find an overview of the most relevant information.

Governance documents

All relevant legal documents of EARLI are public and can be consulted.

The standing orders of EARLI can be consulted here.

The articles of EARLI can be consulted here.

Financial documents

All EARLI financial information for the last accounting year is available for members, and can be consulted in the messageboard. Please be advised that this webpage requires you to log in.

Click here to view the financial documents.


To find an overview of EARLI activities and initiatives, as well as some facts and figures, please find the quarterly EARLI Dashboards below.

JUNE 2018

MARCH 2018


EARLI 2017 - Facts and Figures


JUNE 2017

MARCH 2017


Meeting minutes

Do you want to know what is discussed at the EARLI Executive Committee meetings?
You can acces the minutes of the meeting here.