EARLI supports a number of research initiatives to further the development of learning research in new and innovative directions.

With Emerging Field Groups (EFG), the EARLI Centre for Excellence in Research (E-CER) and Mentoring Grants for JURE members. EARLI wishes to firmly position itself as a driving force behind the ever changing field of learning research. And through the EARLI Awards, the association also wishes to decorate the best and most valuable contributions to the field.


An Emerging Field Group (EFG) consists of a small group of international researchers working in the field of learning and instruction active within a new, emerging field of research. EARLI offers these researchers the opportunity to work together during a short but intense period of time to explore the possibilities in their shared field of interest.

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The EARLI Centre for Excellence in Research aims to stimulate excellence in research among EARLI members and to help prepare research proposals for funding. EARLI will grant one E-CER per year, each for a 4 year period.

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On the occasion of the EARLI Biennial Conference, EARLI hands out three awards:

  • Oeuvre Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Science of Learning and Instruction

Awarded to a living recipient in recognition of a broad range of achievements in the field of learning and instruction including excellence in scholarship and research as well as contributions.

  • Outstanding Publication Award

Awarded to recognise outstanding work in the field of Learning and Instruction.

  • Erik De Corte Award

Awarded in recognition of an early career and promising scholar in the field of Learning and Instruction.

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