EARLI enables over 3000 members from over 60 countries worldwide to engage in critical dialogue.

For these scholars, drawn from all parts of Europe and many parts of the world, EARLI provides a platform to contribute to current debates. Through its networks, activities and the publication of journals and book series, EARLI promotes both international and interdisciplinary cooperation.


Membership benefits

Need to be persuaded to become a member of EARLI, the leading European platform for dissemination of research in Learning and Instruction? Are you not yet sure whether our large and vibrant research community is something for you?

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The EARLI Biennial Conference offers researchers the opportunity to meet face to face to discuss, share and explore the state of the art of the field of learning and instruction. EARLI members enjoy a discount on their registration fee to attend our conferences.

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EARLI members receive a 25% discount on selected books in the EARLI Book Series, as well as free access to a selection of EARLI books (18 months after publishing). EARLI members are also invited to publish free of charge in Frontline Learning Research, our open access journal.

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Our 27 Special Interest Groups each focus on a specific field of research, and host their own conferences and events. As an EARLI member, you can join any of our 27 SIGs. Our Junior network (JURE) offers early career researchers the opportunity to get to know the academic world through the annual JURE conference.

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Grants and Funding

EARLI actively promotes innovative research conducted among its members through multiple grants and funding opportunities, such as E-CER and the Emerging Field Groups. With the EARLI Mentoring Grant, EARLI supports Junior Researchers on a mentoring visit with a senior and established researcher in their respective field.

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At each Biennial Conference, the EARLI Awards celebrate outstanding researchers with the Erik De Corte Award, Outstanding Publication Award and Oeuvre Award.

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EARLI keeps its members updated on open research positions and job opportunities at renowned institutes and research units all over Europe, through its job announcements newsletter.

Membership fees

EARLI offers two membership rates across four membership types.
Please note that EARLI membership runs per calendar year.


For senior researchers.


For Master and PhD students (JURE).
For researchers over the age of 67 (Longstanding).
For researchers working in low-GDP countries.

SIG Membership

EARLI supports 27 Special Interest Groups, allowing its members to meet researchers within their own field of expertise. Become a SIG member to join in on the discussion, take part in SIG Conferences and meet experts in your field of research.

Each EARLI member can join up to 2 SIGs free of charge.
From your third SIG membership onwards, it will cost € 10 per SIG, per calendar year.