Code of Ethics

EARLI is committed to provide the best possible circumstances in which its members can positively and safely share their research and exchange their ideas.

We have a number of policies in place to support this ongoing endeavour. Should you wish to comment on any of these policies or alert us of any conduct or behaviour in direct violation of these policies, kindly reach out to the EARLI careteam.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

EARLI strongly believes that the diverse composition of its members, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity or any other distinguishing characteristic, contributes to the richness of our activities. EARLI is, therefore, committed to encouraging equity, diversity and inclusion across our association and our activities, and eliminating discrimination.

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EARLI Conference Code of Conduct

EARLI is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and safe conference experience for everyone. As a community, we value and respect all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, neurodiversity, disability, or any other aspect that, in fact, makes our community diverse and more inclusive. The EARLI Board of Directors will not tolerate vilification, abuse, or harassment in any form.

EARLI Conference Code of Conduct (for attendees)

EARLI Conference Code of Conduct (for organisers)

EARLI Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct (EARLI CoPEC)

The EARLI Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct is a living document representing EARLI's values and specifying our expectations of professional conduct.

Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct (CoPEC)

EARLI Complaint Policy and Disciplinary Procedures

This Complaint Policy aims to set out mechanisms for resolving complaints and disputes. This policy is intended to ensure all complaints are handled fairly, efficiently and effectively. The second document clarifies the procedure step-by-step.

EARLI Complaint Policy and Disciplinary Procedures

Simplified procedure

EARLI Journals - Diversity Pledge

Inclusion and Diversity Pledge - Educational Research Review

The Editorial Board of Educational Research Review is guided by research excellence and our commitment to having a Board that is representative of our research community directly supports that goal. We are highly committed to ensuring gender balance and a broad representation of geographies on our Board, and have concrete plans to allow the space for early career researchers to flourish and be represented on our Board. Our efforts for diversity and inclusion have only increased over the years, and we aim to continue to work towards a Board that more accurately reflects the diversity of our community in future.

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Diversity & Inclusion Pledge - Journal of Learning and Instruction

Ongoing Strategy: We put diversity and inclusion, as well as excellence in science, at the heart of our activities​.

Moving to equal representation

  1. The Editorial Team for 2022-2025
    1. exists of four female editors, two male editors and two male consultant editors.
    2. represents Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and South-America. Long term targets: inclusion of Mid-East Asia.
  2. The Editorial Board 2022-2025 represents
    1. 95 female members (52%) and 86 male members.
    2. all five continents, 28 countries.

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