With Learning and Instruction, Educational Research Review and Frontline Learning Research, EARLI publishes some of the most influential educational publications in the field. Our book series, New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction, offers a comprehensive overview of high quality, theoretically-driven and innovative research in the areas of learning and instruction.

NEW EARLI Journal: Open call for Editor-in-Chief




EARLI is looking for an Editor-In-Chief for its new qualitative journal. In light of the importance of this role, the EARLI Executive committee decided to re-open the call until 25 June 2019. You can find all the necessary information and modified criteria below. 

An important role of a professional association is to provide possibilities for its members to share and discuss their conceptual understandings and empirical findings in the research community and beyond.To serve this purpose,EARLI has established three international research journals and is organizing regular conferences. The platform for reporting on diverse high level qualitative studies is currently missing in EARLI, although vast number of EARLI members are conducting research on learning and instruction in different fields by using qualitative methods and interpretative approaches.

To fill this gap EARLI will establish a new journal – Qualitative Research on Learning. This new journal will offer opportunities to disseminate the relevant knowledge produced in studies focusing on processes of learning through the experiences and perspectives of people acting in different situations and contexts.

The new journal aims to create a space for dissemination of high quality studies on learning and education that employ some of large range of qualitative approaches (narrative, interaction, discursive analyses, phenomenography, grounded theory, case studies, etc.) and mixed methods.

With this open call we search candidates for Editor-in-Chief. Criteria for selecting the Editor-in-Chief are research experience as primary criterion, leadership and administrative experience as secondary.

1) Senior scholar with tenured position of full or associate professor
2) Significant experience of doing qualitative research
3) Well and widely published in international highly ranked journals in previous years
4) Record of empirical research
5) Editorial experience as a board member in different scientific journals, or associate editor, or editor of a journal in the field
6) A record of being a reviewer for scientific journals
7) Organisational ability and willingness to invest time

In order to apply for this position please send your application to by  Tuesday 25 June 2019 (Midnight CEST).  Your application should include your CV, a motivational letter and a statement about your qualitative research experience (including 5 most significant qualitative articles). 

EARLI  is determined to support the new Editor-In-Chief the start-up of the new journal. The EARLI EC will select the candidates, EARLI Office will notify the applicants about the decisions.



EARLI membership benefits

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Learning and Instruction

Learning and Instruction (2018 Impact Factor - 3.917) is an international, multi-disciplinary journal for advanced high-quality research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching. The journal welcomes several types of contributions: reports of original empirical investigations, and replications or extensions of important previous work. A preference, however, will be given to empirically-based studies. The papers may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches (quantitative as well as qualitative). They may relate to any age level - from infants to adults - and to a diversity of settings.

  • Founded in 1986
  • Six issues per year
  • Published by Elsevier

Click here for more information on Learning and Instruction.

Educational Research Review

Educational Research Review (2018 Impact Factor - 5.204) is an international journal addressed to researchers and various agencies interested in the review of studies and theoretical papers in education at any level. The journal accepts high quality articles that are solving educational research problems by using a review approach. This may include thematic or methodological reviews, or meta-analyses. The journal does not limit its scope to any age range. The journal invites articles on the broad range of settings in which people learn and are educated (school settings, corporate training, formal or informal settings, etc.). Empirical studies or theoretical contributions that do not include a critical review analysis are not accepted.

  • Founded in 2006
  • Three issues per year
  • Published by Elsevier


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Frontline Learning Research

Frontline Learning Research is an open-access electronic-only journal that publishes articles on issues and trends occurring internationally in research on learning and educational sciences. Among others, the journal focuses on articles in the following fields of research: Research on learning and instruction in formal and informal contexts, multidisciplinary research on learning and learning environments, new theoretical and methodological approaches in learning sciences, insights into learning research from disciplines other than educational sciences or psychology (e.g., cognitive neuroscience, computer science, philosophy, sociology).

  • Circa four issues per year
  • Special issues
  • Open access


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Book series

New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction is the international, multidisciplinary book series of EARLI and is published by Routledge.

The aim of the series is to present, to the scholarly community, high quality, theoretically-driven research in the areas of learning and instruction. Books that are published in the series are innovative, attempting to forge new conceptions of the field. Originality, scientific merit, and significance for the field are what guide the series. Both edited collections and sole-authored texts that meet these criteria are considered for publication. The focus is on European work, however, contributions from non-European researchers and non-members of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction are invited. The series is designed to appeal to a wide audience of researchers and post-graduate students in education and psychology.


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