Introducing JURE reproducibiliTEA

Introducing JURE reproducibiliTEA
By Kateryna Zabolotna and Sebastian Anselmann

Open Science, i.e., making research transparent and accessible, is very important for improving what we do as scientists. Open Science is gaining more and more attention and impact in research communities across the world, including JURE. That is why we have decided to organise the JURE ReproducibiliTEA discussion group which aims to discuss the importance of open science and share best practices during our monthly meetings.

What is ReproducibiliTEA?
It is an initiative aiming to support researchers across the fields to create local Open Science journal clubs. The goal is to discuss diverse issues, papers and ideas about improving science, reproducibility and the Open Science movement. Some facts about ReproducibiliTEA:

  • Funded in early 2018 at the University of Oxford.
  • By now covers 100 institutions in 22 different countries.
  • Completely volunteer-run, and provides a unique and supportive community where researchers are able to learn about open science and network with like-minded colleagues.

Why is it needed?
As early career researchers of EARLI, we believe that open science has an impact on daily research decisions, especially when it comes to planning, conducting, analysing, interpreting and, finally, publishing results. But the awareness and knowledge about Open Science will not come by itself. There are also many issues that relate to privacy and ethics and which vary across the countries. That is why it is important to raise international discussion on the best practices and examples of how research can be made transparent and accessible. Open Science journal clubs, such as ReproducibiliTEA, are a great informal place for such discussions and sharing the best solutions.

What do we do?
JURE and EARLI researchers have launched the JURE reproducibiliTEA to provide a platform for all our members to have open discussions about reproducibility and transparency in research, share and evaluate experiences with Open Science, and to apply best practice in one`s own research approaches.

When and where?
We meet online on a monthly basis to discuss Open Science in an open-minded setting. Discussions are based on selected reading materials and each meeting is hosted by a JURE member who will briefly introduce today’s topic and will moderate the discussion.

The first JURE ReproducibiliTEA meeting took place on January 19th covering the topic “What is the problem with current science practice?”, led by Tatiana Shubina from the University of Oulu. The recording of the session is available here:

Our next meeting will be held on 16th of February, Thursday at 12 GMT/ 1pm CET/ 2pm GMT+2 in Zoom. The discussion theme will be “How can Open Science offer solutions” and will be led by Sebastian Anselmann (PH Schwäbisch Gmünd, University of Education)

For all further information please visit the following link and come along for discussion & open science! You can find all the papers, and the zoom login in our OSF folder.

If you don’t have time to join us online, you will be able to find sessions recordings on the EARLI YouTube channel. At the same time, reading the papers will do no harm for your own research practice and skills, so feel free to access our reading materials!

We hope many of you will join us at the next ReproducibiliTEA!

Kateryna Zabolotna and Sebastian Anselmann
on behalf of the JURE ReproducibiliTEA team

About Kateryna Zabolotna

University of Oulu, Finland
JURE ReproducibiliTEA member

About Sebastian Anselmann

PH Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
JURE ReproducibiliTEA member