Mission Statement

SIG Writing aims to provide a forum for exchange of ideas about writing and promoting research collaboration between writing researchers from different countries as well as from different disciplines, such as education, psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, computer science, literary studies and rethorics. Examples of topics we deal with are:

  • the cognitive, social and developmental processes involved in writing,
  • the functions of writing in different social and institutional contexts
  • the design of writing instruction in various educational settings

Our activities include writing-related publications, conferences and information facilities. Among the most important acitivities of SIG writing are publications on many topics related to the scientific study of writing. These include the Journal of Writing Research (, our publication archive (, temporarily unavailabe) and the book series "Studies in Writing".

Upcoming Events

Writing Seminar for Junior Researchers: Mixed-methods research workshop

  • Date: March 13-15, 2024 (half-day on March 15)
  • Location: Université de Lille, France
  • Focus: Designing and Conducting Mixed-Methods Writing Research
  • Organisers: Chris Anson, Tiane Donahue, and Magnus Gustafsson
  • This mixed-methods research workshop is designed to acquaint junior researchers with the skills and knowledge needed to combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies effectively. This hands-on workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the synergy between different research paradigms, enabling them to address complex research questions effectively.
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SIG 12 Biennal Conference 2024

  • Theme: ways2write \(w2w)/
  • Date: 26-28 June, 2024 (preceded by a research school 24-25 June)
  • Place: Paris Nanterre University, France
  • Organisers: Georgeta Cislaru (Paris Nanterre University, France), Christophe Leblay (University of Turku, Finland), and Florence Lefeuvre (Sorbonne Nouvelle University, France)
  • Conference website

Past Conferences & Research Schools

  • Eva Lindgren, Kirk Sullivan, Carina Hermansson, Maria Levlin, Elisabet Norlin Rehnmark, Nina Vandermeulen, & Erika Sturk

  • Mariëlle Leijten, Sarah Bernolet, Iris Schrijver, & Fien De Smedt

  • Lorna Bourke & Simon Davies

  • Gert Rijlaarsdam & Huub van den Bergh

  • Rui Alves

  • Joachim Grabowski

  • Åsa Wengelin

  • Luuk Van Waes

  • Linda Allal & Bernard Schneuwly

  • David Galbraith & Mark Torrance

  • Bianca Di Bernardi