SIG 16 Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning


Mission Statement

The SIG 16 brings together researchers from the field of metacognition and self-regulated learning to investigate the power of metacognition and self-regulation for learning in many areas and examines the interplay between both. Many unresolved issues remain; therefore, SIG16 aims to understand the integrative framework of metacognition and self-regulated learning and provides a forum for discussing theoretical and empirical work, such as controversial issues related to them.

We want to contribute to the following:

  • Provide scientific evidence on the importance of metacognition and self-regulated learning in its many forms
  • Design learning environments for effective metacognitive and self-regulated learning
  • Foster international collaborations, connecting researchers from metacognition and self-regulated learning to create a more significant impact
  • Support early-career researchers
  • Disseminate research findings for practitioners (e.g., teachers) and the society

Upcoming Activities

11th International Biennial Conference of EARLI SIG 16

  • Date: 11.09-13.09.2024
  • Pre-conference: 10.09-11.09.2024
  • Place: Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Chair: Silke Hertel
  • Conference website:

Past Activities

EARLI SIG 16 Invited Symposium: A Look Into the Crystal Ball: Which Directions Should Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning Research Take?

Inspiring presentations were given by five distinguished speakers from our SIG 16 community.

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