Research Stories

In 2020, EARLI launched a new initiative to increase visibility for the excellent research conducted by EARLI members: the EARLI Research Story.


Every other month, an EARLI member or group of EARLI members is offered the opportunity to share their research initiatives and findings in a short blogpost or video.

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To recognise the achievements of influential representatives of EARLI and the field of higher education, Rachelle Esterhazy, Helga Dorner and Stefan T. Siegel are interviewing leading researchers about their career, their research and their involvement with EARLI.

Podcast Introduction

EARLI Research Stories 3 David Gijbels Stefan T Siegel

David Gijbels

EARLI Research Stories 4 Crina Damsa

Crina Damsa

EARLI Research Storie Robert Kordts 2022 Stefan T Siegel

Robert Kordts

2022 EARLI Research Stories Taiga Brahm Stefan T Siegel

Taiga Brahm

EARLI Research Stories Podcast Episode 7 Edith Braun Stefan T Siegel Cover

Edith Braun


Behind the Scenes Special

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