2023 EARLI Memberships now available!

Our 2023 EARLI memberships are now available for purchase through your EARLI account!

Even while inflation is at an all time high, the EARLI Executive Committee continues its efforts to keep EARLI and SIG memberships as inclusive and affordable as possible.

From 2023 onwards, we have implemented a number of changes to our membership fees:

  • Membership fees have been simplified, with a regular rate of € 80 and a reduced rate of € 40 per calendar year.
  • EARLI members working in low GDP countries are automatically offered a reduced EARLI membership rate.
  • All EARLI members can purchase up to two SIG memberships, completely free of charge. From the third SIG membership onwards, you'll be charged € 10 per SIG.
  • Please note that we no longer offer two- and three-year memberships to facilitate this simplified membership fee structure.

Being an EARLI member offers many great benefits to your academic career and endeavors.

Find out why you should join EARLI today.