EARLI 2025 - First Call

The University of Graz (Austria) and EARLI are proud to announce the 21st Biennial Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI 2025), which will be hosted at the University of Graz from August 25th until August 29th 2025. The theme of the conference “Realising Potentials through Education: Shaping the Minds and Brains for the Future” shall inspire interdisciplinary discussions on the multifaceted avenues through which education can contribute to the flourishing of each individual and the society.

Education is envisioned as a transformative force to unlock and realise the potential of every individual, irrespective of personal background or circumstances. Its goal is to empower individuals to discover their strengths and develop talents that positively impact their lives and their communities. This pursuit necessitates equitable educational practices, grounded in current evidence on learning and instruction from various disciplines and across multiple levels of investigation. The EARLI 2025 conference aims to facilitate an inclusive dialogue among researchers, educators, and policymakers, transcending traditional boundaries and paving the way for novel approaches to positively shape our future.

The 21st Biennial EARLI Conference and the accompanying 29th Conference of the Junior Researchers of EARLI (23 – 24 August 2025) invites researchers in learning and instruction from all over the world to come together to discuss current theory and research evidence.

All information about the upcoming EARLI 2025 conference can be found on the conference website!

We look forward to welcome you to Graz in 2025!