Learning and Instruction - Call for Papers

Learning and Instruction is soliciting submissions for a special issue entitled ‘Playful Stances to Learning’. The potential of play for sociocognitive development and learning has received scholarly attention for decades. Playful pedagogies have a long-standing tradition in learning studies and instructional design. Nonetheless, most educational systems have not yet succeeded in integrating the affordances of playfulness in different educational levels, modalities or areas of knowledge. Furthermore, the role of play in education and the nurturing of playful approaches tends to be restricted to studies of the early years, extra curricular learning spaces, and introductory or accessory phases in learning cycles and educational practices. We thus face the paradoxical situation whereby play in learning and education can neither be understood as a mature area, nor as an emerging area in current research and innovation. This call for papers seeks to advance the international agenda around playfulness and show that through re-envisioning the concept, new insights can be garnered in contemporary times. The scope of the papers we are interested in includes:

Research-based interventions, experiments, quasi-experiments, single-subject design studies and case- studies that enrich our understanding of how learning through play occurs across practice contexts and cultural settings, or the kinds of playful qualities that contribute to learning at all ages.

Carefully designed qualitative studies, as well as quantitatively-oriented larger population studies of a variety of stakeholders’ perspectives on the relation between play and learning.

Methodological analyses of the affordances of playful stances to further understanding of exploratory thinking, creativity, multimodal teaching and learning.

Exceptionally, comprehensive and theoretically-driven meta-analyses are welcome.

Guest editors:

Dr. Nora Scheuer
CONICET and Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Bariloche, Argentina

Prof. Teresa Cremin

Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Consult the full call for papers here.