Frontline Learning Research

Towards an Integrated Perspective of Teachers’ Technology Integration: A Preliminary Model and Future Research Directions

Written by Andreas Lachner, Iris Backfisch, Ulrike Franke (11 January 2024)

Schermafbeelding 2024 01 16 om 09 57 33

Technology integration is regarded as a crucial and complex endeavour to enhance students’ learning and prepare them to participate in a digital society. Although the research landscape on teachers’ technology integration is vivid and stimulating, an analytical model which synthesises different strands of research to model antecedents (i.e., teachers’ professional competences), processes and outcomes of technology integration in an integrated manner is missing. That said, previous research was often rather product-oriented and ignored potential effects on students’ learning processes and their achievement. To fill this gap, in this paper, we outline a preliminary model, the TPTI-model (teachers’ professional competence for technology integration), in which we deliberately link different research perspectives on teachers’ professional competences, professional vision and students’ learning (processes) to model technology integration during teaching. Based on the preliminary TPTI-model, we propose future research directions, which may allow to gain a better understanding of the teacher- and student-related conditions as well as processes of technology integration and their effects on students’ learning.

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