SIG 13 Moral and Democratic Education


Inger Marie

Inger Marie Dalehefte

Associate Professor and Head of Department, University of Agder, Norway

SIG Coordinator


Lene Cherize H. Sirevåg

PhD Research Fellow, University of Agder, Norway

JURE Coordinator

Mission Statement

SIG 13 addresses questions of moral and democratic education from a scientific perspective with a particular focus on theoretically founded empirical research. Moral education means education to improve the learner's moral competence and actions, and democratic education deals with the furthering of democratic knowledge, attitudes, and actions in all their facets.

Moral and democratic competences are key issues in today's society. Competencies of this kind are topics in the school curricula of most countries; however, moral and democratic education mostly play a minor role in teaching, and where it is seen as important, it is usually not based on research outcomes but on traditions which oftentimes are quite questionable from a scientific point of view. The aim of SIG 13 is to promote warranted moral and democratic education, i.e., moral and democratic education that capitalizes on research in learning, development, and education, both in school and outside.

Upcoming Activities

SIG 11 & 13 Conference 2024

  • Theme: Diversity within Classrooms and Societies - Perspectives on Teacher, Moral, and Democracy Education
  • Date: 12th - 14th of August, 2024
  • Place: University of Oxford, UK
  • Conference website

Past Conferences

SIG 13 Biennial Conference 2022

  • Theme: Creating Democratic Societies – Making Democracy Sustainable
  • Date: 14th - 17th of June, 2022
  • Place: University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway
  • Conference website

SIG 13 Biennial Conference 2018

(organised together with InZentIM)

  • Theme: Migration, Social Transformation, and Education for Democratic Citizenship
  • Date: 27th - 29th of August, 2018
  • Place: University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Conference website