SIG 06 Instructional Design


Mission Statement

SIG Instructional design brings together researchers who study the design and development of learning environments. Learning environments are conceived as contexts that aim at fostering learning. The contexts range from regular classrooms to highly sophisticated virtual reality environments. The key question discussed in the SIG pertains to the relationship between different features and outlooks of such environments on the one hand and learning processes and learning results on the other. Of particular importance is the mediating role of student variables.

SIG 6 Video

Upcoming Events

SIG 6 & 7 Weblecture

  • Speaker: Shaaron Ainsworth
  • Date: 3rd of May, Time tba
  • Topic: tba
  • Follow online: tba

SIG 6 & 7 Biennial Conference

Past Events

SIG 6 & 7 Weblecture

  • Speaker: Richard Mayer
  • Date: 30th of November, 17:00 CET
  • Topic: “Learning in Virtual Reality: An Evidence-Based Approach.”
  • See here the recording of the weblecture:

SIG 6 & 7 Biennial Conference 2022

  • Theme: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Instructional Design and Technology Across all Educational Levels
  • Date: 22nd - 24th of August, 2022
  • Place: Zollikofen, Switzerland
  • Conference website

SIG 6 & 7 Biennial Conference 2020

  • Theme: Instructional Design and Technology - From the Lab to the Classroom
  • Date: 24th - 25th of August, 2020
  • Place: Online